Tomidi TSR 2014 part3

Blog 3 – 3rd of August 2014 When I first signed up for Tall Ship Races I was fully unaware of what an experience it would be. The first time I saw Tomidi was surprised. It had expected the boat to be bigger, and I could not wrap my head around that the toilet had only three walls. But now, a week later I wouldn't change anything. Now I'm quite fond of the boats 17 meters, and I like that you have a special way of flushing the toilet. I think that this makes Tomidi special. Our voyage started in Bergen. On the 26th of July the trainees from Bergen and the trainees that were sailing from Bergen came on board and slept on Tomidi for the first time. In Bergen the Tall Ships Races were just ending, and we got to see the last parts, witch included fireworks and the boat parade. “Sailing is a sport” is often repeated on Tomidi. And lets not forget that. When racing there were 4 hour shifts; so 4 hours sleep, 4 hours working. And repeat. We raced from Bergen to Esbjerg, and this took approximately 2 and a half days. Luckily from 12 a.m to 8 p.m there wasn't shifts anymore because people tend to be awake at daytime. From starting the race at approx. 2 p.m Monday we finished at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. Actually we were the first to cross the finish line of every boat in the race. So then the 2 and a half days of intense sailing was worth it. The Tall Ships festival in Esbjerg did first start the 2nd of August and since we arrived at the 30th of July we had a couple of days to kill before the festival started. This was no problem. We went on a day trip to and island a couple of hours outside Esbjerg. There the whole crew ate at a restaurant and some of us also took a funny roller coaster. When I go home the thing I will miss most about this trip is the atmosphere. Our Captain Dirk, almost never without a sigarette or/and a beer in his hand, and all the people coming together from different countries and making a mixed and relaxed setting for unexperienced sailors like me. I've learned much these past couple of days, about winching and releasing ropes. About the main sail, and that Heineken is not drinkable. Over the last days we've seen wild dolphins swimming and playing with the ship, bathed from the boat in Denmark's very green water, seen water 360° around and much more. If you are in doubt about sailing I would highly recommend this trip. If you are a person that manages not to shower in a couple of days and to have constant company of others you wont have a problem on board. I know I would love to sail with Tomidi again.

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