TSR 2012 Race 2 Lisbõa - Cadiz

All elegance put aside, finally we got our feet on deck. Immediately we were overloaded with tons of beer. So much beer?! But one eye on Dirks’ beer belly and we were appeased: there is an experienced skipper on board of Tomidi, fortunately! Let our adventure begin! After choosing our bed -carefully let’s call it hammocks, and settling ourselves, our first experience was memorable: in full speed, the spinnaker got ripped apart, due to a crash gybe, and we were almost thrown overboard! Only 1 hour after the start we already lost our deadliest racing weapon. Even the experienced sailors were caught of guard. However - courageous as we all are - the trip was continued. With the winds and sea pushing us forward we raced to the finish. Ultimately we finished as fourth, 17 seconds before the Ebb tide, not bad for a boat that just lost it’s spinnaker! Admitted, Tomidi is a F1 boat, even without this spinnaker! We all couldn’t hide our enthusiasm, and our competition spirit rose up: a war was started, a war of WATERBALLOONS! El Cano was the first boat that got raided. Also the Rupel, the Lietuva, and some of the innocent tourists weren’t spared. But retaliation was swift and painful: we were attacked with a garden hose. Damn, Peace!!!!
After the finish line we didn’t go immediately to the port of Cádiz. We decided to visit and stay for the night in some surrounding ports. The first stop was Puerto Sherry. Then we went to Rota.
Every day a luxury meal was served, because lucky for us we had an experienced cook on board. Fish, spaghetti, Russian salad, eggs with bacon… Whatever you want! We even made our own cocktails! A bucket full of mojito!
After a few days we arrived in Cádiz, our last stop. In full glory we put our feet back to shore! Run, there are real toilets and showers! That many was clear, at home we are used to a lot of luxury. After everyone was freshed up, the party could start, the whole night!
The next day, we went for a short sightseeing tour among the big square riggers with the boat. Unfortunately we forgot someone of our own crew. Woops!
The parade was fun. We all went dressed up like Indians, with parts of the spinnaker around our body, proud as we were. Dirk was our upper chief! With a bucket full of ammunition we continued our watery war. Unfortunately the civil guards couldn’t laugh with it, and soon already we had to cease the bombardment of water bombs. But at least we had our shot on the Russians!
Normally we would have finished fourth, but we got a time penalty because they claim we were to close to the vessel giving the starting order. However these rules are not written down, so we still hope for a correction. If not, we still will remember our amazing adventure, our many stories and jokes, friendship. Last of all: as curious as you all are, remember this: What happens on the Tomidi, stays on the Tomidi!



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