TSR 2012 Race 1 Saint Malo - Lisbõa

The crew parade in St Malo was not that impressive since only half the Tomidi crew participated, because the others had not arrived yet. The first real contact with the crew was the first evening in the restaurant. The captain did not join at the restaurant so the new crew members heard a lot of stories about a man of the hard line with strict orders and of few words.

Over the next days we found out that those stories were true with all kinds of twists. A very good captain and a person with an endless supply of stories BUT you do not want to make him mad.
THE RACE We left St.Malo in the morning and sailed past the other tall ships waving goodbye. First we left to resupply our fuel, after that we sailed to the harbour of Roskoff for a last discussion of tactics. We had a brilliant tactic but we left Roskoff to late to accomplish it.
So then we changed tactics and started at half past 12 local time with the confident of having 6 hours current with us.
Our first hours we managed an average of 9 knots over ground and quickly we entered the ‘lake’ of Biscay the captain said, “He never had such a calm trip through Biscay and we were quite lucky to have such”. When we rounded to waypoint one the mood had dropped a bit because we wanted to use our spinnaker and we were only able to use it for four hours before we had to take it down. We had hoped to use it for quite a while longer so we could take a lead in the race but our luck was not with us for the time being.

Normally after you rounded the first waypoint, the race is just in a straight line to the finish, but our captain didn’t think so. We went deeper into the sea first in hope for stronger winds, in the last hours of the race, we turned back to land with wind in the back and finally with the spinnaker.

We all thought that the race was almost done and we only had to keep the course and trim the sails. Which was not the case obviously, with one hour to go Murphy stroke us and the wind turned and we had to gibe the spinnaker (in the dark, for the first time ever, and mostly: not on my watch). While everybody watched from the cockpit, Kwint and Ken bravely went to the foredeck. We just had to switch the boom from one sheet to the other, releasing it is easy, but fixing it with the other sheet didn’t really go smoothly.
When we were almost finished someone released the sheet in the cockpit and kwint flew 1,5 meter up-still holding the sheet- and then almost over board before releasing it.
After this fly lesson, things went better and we finished at 2,20 local time then heading in a straight line to Cascais.



A much needed brake was in order for the crew and we headed for shore to see Portugal's smaller towns. We visited some ports which had great beaches. They were packed with people since July is when a lot of Portuguese people take for vacation time. It was nice to lay down on the beaches and relax with no need to trim any sails or wake up in the late hours of the night to be hit by waves of salt water. The only thing we had to do was try not to get a sun burn and decide who would do the dishes after dinner.

Ben & Kwint


groetjes uit Bredene

Dag Matroosjes Katy & Pierrot,

héél veel zonnige groeten uit het zwoele Bredene; alles kits thuis.

x, Bianca

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