Race 2: Lerwick - Stavanger

I joined the Tomidi in Shetland for the Tall Ships Race to Stavanger. I was kind of nervous because I’d never sailed out of sight of land before. There were 3 trainees as well as the skipper and his son, Tom. As we were manoeuvring to cross the start line we almost “capsized”! Despite the rough start we still made it 1st across the start line. We had good wind all the way across to Stavanger. While we were crossing we ran into seismic surveys. They called us on the radio and told us to change our course. This put us off course for quite some time. However, we still managed to cross the finish line 4th. On corrected time we came 3rd in our class. I really enjoyed my time on the Tomidi and made great friends with the crew.

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