Race 1 Waterford-Greenock

We joined the boat in Waterford on the 2nd of July 2011 for the race to
Greenock. Initially we were surprised (to say the least) to see not even a
wall around the toilet! The shock was overcome very soon due to abvious
necessity. Besides, it is an ocean racer after all.
After the Captain's briefing, we were informed that the course of the race
had been changed from the Atlantic to the Irish Sea. That meant less than
half of the time sailing.
Thankfully Dirk had a great proposal for us. We would tour the West coast
of Scotland after the race, which didn't even last two days. We set sail
the next morning with five Belgians, two Czechs, us (two Irish) and
offcourse our Italian friend Giacomo, the life of the party. At 16h00 GMT
on the 3rd of July, the race started and we were first over the line. We
made great time for the first hours travelling at over 6 knots for very
light winds. Unfortunately it went a bit pear shaped that night. The
captain was sick, the winds dropped totally and trainees were left in
charge. To out it simply, we went back 7 miles and did at least one 360•
Turn. The next morning on there were no more mishaps. We finished
the race at 04:49 GMT and were first over the line. Due to time penalties
we managed a not so impressive sixth place in our class.
After the race was finished, we toured around some of the breweries and distilleries of the Arran Island and
Giacomo's excitement could hardly be contained at the sight of a seal on a


The captain was sick ???

Dirk, what is happening ?? Mostly, whole crew is sick, and not the captain !
Oed je kloek eh moat !
Veel succes nog !


Gepost door: Jan Debruyne op 12 July 2011 - 14:31

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